Wednesday, 16 December 2009


TV Everywhere has announced the launch of a version of its video management system VidZapper fully integrated with Amazon’s S3 and CloudFront cloud computing network.

The launch follows the news that the Amazon cloud computing service now supports Flash Video streaming.

“The combination of VidZapper and Amazon CloudFront is ideal for customers wishing to deploy a cost effective video management solution,” comments TV Everywhere CEO, Iolo Jones. “Video services are now integrated into traditional websites at many levels and this is a quick and easy way to deploy a highly flexible video delivery platform.”

The VidZapper integration includes support for http progressive downloads of WMV, MOV and FLV video formats as well as RTMP, or streaming Flash Video.

Detailed statistics are available via S3Stats, the long established statistical package for the cloud service.

The VidZapper platform provides a comprehensive video management service and enables user generated, professional and third party videos to be combined into a single service. The system comes with a comprehensive API and an extensive set of development tools, so is ideal for web development and video production companies wishing to deploy highly customised web and mobile video solutions for their client.

Existing VidZapper users include major corporates, retailer and ecommerce operators, sports federations and events, government bodies, academic institutions and commercial internet TV services. The platform was developed by the veteran Internet TV team behind Web Channels and Narrowstep.

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