Friday, 18 May 2012


Over the past four years we've been incredibly busy at TV Everywhere and now we're just about ready to pop our heads above the parapet. The task we set ourselves was nothing less than to invent a toolset that would power the next generation of television (or should we say video, since the boundary between them is now so blurred). And that's what we'll be releasing over the coming months.

'But what's new ?' I hear you ask. Well, there have been massive shifts in the way programming is produced and distributed, with digital asset management and distribution to mobiles now becoming as common as tapes and tellies.

The other major theme is rights (and piracy, of course).

We think that we've covered all the bases and have simplified what is a complicated industry into three processes:


The reason why this is so important is that more video than ever is being produced, and with such ready distribution, it is now a mainstream part of the marketing mix. This means that we have a bigger market than ever where the boundary between brand owner and content owner is being blurred by companies such as Red Bull.

Welcome to the brave new world of TV 3.0!

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